Get to know the reasons GB is an excellence in Martial Arts

Our family-oriented environment is a perfect place to learn and develop self-confidence and self-discipline. Our clean, friendly and progress-minded environment allows for both a challenging and inspirational learning and training experience that aims to encourage and make students excited to come back. Gracie Barra is for anyone who values discipline, wellness, martial arts, and respect. We are sure you will find an exciting and challenging place that will allow you to achieve your fitness goals. The class structure is the trademark of all 1000 Gracie Barra Schools worldwide. Classes start on time and adhere to a standardized curriculum and class structure. As a student, you know up front what is expected of you and have a clear understanding of what to expect from your instructors and training partners. The consistency of this structure combined with the creativity and innovation of our devoted instructors blend perfectly to facilitate your progress.

Meet our Coaches and their families

Professor Rodrigo Carvalho Silva

Owner - Head Instructor

Professor Marko Maurovic

Adult - Instructor

Coach Steve Race

Instructor 40 years + Class

Coach Daniel O'Neill

Kids Coach

Coach Raphael Vaz


Professor Andrea Bath

Women's program instructor

Professor Von Borilla

Muay Thai Instructor